Lawn Care Services


March, April, & May

  • Pre-emergent crabgrass management with fertilizer to enhance plant growth and depress early season diseases such as snow mold and read thread

May, June, & early July

  • 2nd application of pre-emergent crabgrass management to help manage crabgrass in problem areas (drainage, low lying, excessively wet areas and in less than optimal weather conditions we have found that this 2nd pre-emergent application can have a positive effect in limiting dallisgrass (a perennial weed) outbreaks

  • Liquid application of broadleaf weed management


July & August

  • A balanced fertilizer for the health of the turf leading into the summer season and depress summer diseases that will emerge with the humidity

  • Grub management: This application will manage the Japanese beetle, white grub, as well as help manage surface feeding insects


August, September, & October

  • A balanced fertilizer to help your turf recover from the summer season and depress late summer and fall diseases


October & November

  • Liquid application of broadleaf weed management

  • Winterizing fertilizer for turf root development to maintain a strong root system throughout the winter season



As needed

  • Chelated lime application for optimum soil pH

  • Pre-emergent for landscaped bed

  • Summer weeds, hard to kill weeds and grassy weeds management

  • Surface feeding insect management

  • Turf disease management